Cinematic packs are loop bundles, inspired by different film music genres, which can be downloaded and arranged in a sequencer program. The bundled loops are designed to sound nice together regardless how they are arranged. In other words, everyone can create film music of their own!

You can easily arrange these loops using an iPad if you download my app Paint Music.

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Bollywood pack

80 bpm | Bollywood music mixes traditional Indian music with Western popular music. This pack offers a musical crossing between spicy India and decaf America.

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P.I. pack

150 bpm | This pack contains wild car chases, tough cops and huge Afro hairstyles. Welcome to the rough Los Angeles in the 70s!

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Caribbean pack

140 bpm | With these loops you can easily create your own Sargasso swing. The pack includes sunlit percussion and salty tasting oil drum.

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Deep sea pack

120 bpm | Dive into this pack and experience the biodiversity of the oceans. Explore and animate the deep, the magnificent coral reefs and graceful movements of jellyfish.

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Romantic dream pack

80 bpm | This pack is suitable for romantic and peaceful moments. With weightless flute phrases, piano and harp you can easily create calm soundscapes.

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Emotional pack

120 bpm, 3-takt | The painful agony of love combines these mournful sounds. The instruments are piano, promising horns, epic strings and aching timpani. NOTE! Adjust to triple time in the sequencer program.

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Enchanted pack

100 bpm | Unknown spells, fatal choices and brave hearts. This pack is inspired by the Harry Potter movies.

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Futuristic action pack

120 bpm | Hovering cars, artificial intelligence, infinite energy and space travelling in light speed? The future is here and it’s up to you to animate your vision using this synthetic pack.

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Heroic action pack

110 bpm | Vicious creatures dwell in the dark alleys of the big city, but they are always defeated by a masked superhero… Create your own Marvel soundtrack using heroic horns, strings and epic choir.

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Hong Kong action pack

160 bpm | This pack is inspired by classic Kung fu movies. Light flute trills and traditional Chinese music is mixed with fast techno beats and synth arpeggios.

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New Tango pack

100 bpm | With a touch of sensuality this pack offers a mix of traditional Argentinean tango and modern beats. Be seduced to moody piano licks and virtuoso bandoneon loops.

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Outer space pack

95 bpm | Travel with galactic string themes and explore unknown sound waves in cosmos for epic space journeys or small peaks to the sky.

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Horror movie pack

120 bpm | Timid and nervous persons are advised against contact with this pack. It contains unblessed spirits, fast heartbeat and demonic noise among other nasty things…

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Skate Punk pack

90 bpm | This pack is all about fast and loud guitar loops. Feel the independent genre and create a soundtrack to a ride in the half-pipe.

Download pack (zip 11MB) »

French Film pack

80 bpm | Create a decadent soundscape using a harmonium, a ticking clock and not least the French musette. Voilà!

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Western pack

100 bpm | Tough men with ponchos and doubtful morality are galloping towards the Mexican border. Your job is to provide the scene with music and gunshots.

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