Some of the songs are loops and can be repeated. The extended song can be downloaded and trimmed in various audio editing software.

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Loopbot Loop    
30s Big Bandblues/jazz, acoustic, fast
40´s TVorchestral, fast, funny
40s Bluegrassacoustic, ethnic, vocal, happy
50s Cool Jazzblues/jazz, acoustic, sad
50s Electric Bluesblues/jazz, relaxing
50s Rock'n'Rollpop/rock, fast, happy
60s Acid Rockpop/rock, fast
60s Soulpop/rock, blues/jazz, relaxing, happy
70s Analog Synthelectronic, sad
70s Discopop/rock, fast
70s Funkpop/rock, relaxing
70s Reggaepop/rock, vocal, relaxing
80s Heavy Metalpop/rock, dramatic
80s Hip Hopelectronic, vocal, dramatic
80s Synth Poppop/rock, sad
90s Eurodanceelectronic, fast, happy
90s Grungepop/rock, dramatic
90s R'n'Belectronic, vocal, sad
90s Trip Hopelectronic, scary, sad
Arabian Shipacoustic, sad
Boogie Woogieblues/jazz, fast
Bossa Novaethnic, happy
Car Chasepop/rock, fast, dramatic
Cosmonautelectronic, happy
Dark Alleyelectronic, dramatic
Decadenceelectronic, sad
Dilemmablues/jazz, dramatic
Disco Crimepop/rock, dramatic
Disco Dancingelectronic, fast
Freedomethnic, acoustic, fast, dramatic
Funkyblues/jazz, dramatic
Happy Swingblues/jazz, happy, funny
Heavyblues/jazz, pop/rock, dramatic
Jewish Jazzethnic, sad
Loungeblues/jazz, dramatic
Marimbaethnic, relaxing
Mingle Musicblues/jazz, relaxing
Must Danceelectronic, fast
P.I.blues/jazz, dramatic
Piano Jazzblues/jazz, relaxing
Pixelselectronic, fast
Pondering Jazzblues/jazz, relaxing, sad
Raveelectronic, fast
Rhytmicelectronic, fast
Riverelectronic, sad
Sad Legendethnic, acoustic, dramatic, sad
Sailing Raceelectronic, fast
Scratch Hopelectronic, fast
Silent Movieacoustic, fast, dramatic
Siren Hopelectronic, fast
Solariselectronic, dramatic
Space Hunterelectronic, dramatic
Spanish Pianopop/rock, fast
Syntaxelectronic, dramatic
Utopiaorchestral, relaxing, happy
War Shiporchestral, dramatic